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About Richard

Hi all

I’m Richard or Richie your host.RT

My DJ career started out back in 1982 running a mobile disco for about ten years until late 1992 in London and the South East of England. During this period I think I must have collected every Top 40 UK single (and more) during that time and of course during the 90’s and well into the 00’s my addiction to buying music meant my collection just grew & grew.

In 2007 I was approached by an internet station to present a weekly show, something I had longed to do but never thought I would. It had a domino effect, more & more stations contacted me, my profile grew as did the number of shows I produce each week and here we are, in the present day offering 6 weekly syndicated radio shows for you to enjoy and broadcasting on 50+ stations around the world on AM, FM and the internet.

I’m a bit of a music geek and consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to music. I took part in BBC Radio 2’s Popmaster quiz with Ken Bruce back in 2010 and got through to the Christmas Champions League where I finished the 2010 runner up and in 2015 decided to give it another go and this time did one better and was the Champions League 2015 winner!

My weekly shows are free to all stations that have the slots available to broadcast them, all we ask is that each station has the licences to legally broadcast music.

Hope you can tune in sometime soon.